Send Emergency SMS in case of trouble

CEYD-A sends an emergengy SMS to the person that you define in the following settings.

Scenario is as follows:
1) Define a sentence and phone number from the settings. They are located as shown as below in settings . For Turkish : Ayarlar -> Gelişmiş Ayarlar -> Diğer Ayarlar -> Panik Sözü (Emergency Sentence) and Panik Telefonu (Emergency Phone) . They are labeled as 4

2) In case of trouble, if you say aloud Emergency Sentence (For example: Sakin ol dostum), CEYD-A will send an SMS to the person whose phone number is Panik Telefonu.
SMS includes a help needed string as well as address so that a help will be sent to you.

Note that: Seslenince Çalıştır feature must be enabled in order this feature works.. Seslenince Çalıştır can be enabled by saying Seslenince Çalıştır in Turkish after pressing mic button.